Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day one of Soltice and Advent Count down

I always try to plan for perfection and expect little.  You just never know with kids if they will want to participate in an activity or be too tired or weird to do things, but once in a while you get the perfection.  Last night was one of those nights.  Since Sophie had stayed home she was relaxed and Runa was not too tired, so we did everything I had planned.  We made tea and decorated oranges with cloves.  Even Joel had enough energy to do one.  It was a great sensory activity and everyone enjoyed it.  When we were done, Runa made up a song and tried to make us all sing it with her.  We finished by reading a story from the Solstice book.  They choose "Raven Steals the Sun" and this version really lends itself to reading out loud with lots of juicy words and naught characters. What is your favorite story for this time of year?

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