Thursday, December 17, 2015

Deer heads

Reflecting on the last post I think that toilet ice fishing could really be a great Canadian sport.  Getting together with your buddies around the frozen outhouse hole...  maybe with some ice wine... shooting the shit....
We have been watching Face Off again.  This is a show where makeup artists are given challenges and compete for a prize.  The makeups are pretty interesting and I have learned about breaking up color and using shadows when drawing and painting, so I will share with you the deer head that I painted for our Solstice decorations.  It is good to keep learning things.  I also really like this show as it provides a good opportunity to talk about the soft skills that matter in life. There are some people who are amazing artists but who just can't work with others or get things done on time.  Sometimes the artists get depressed or defeated and we see those who deal with these issues effectively and those who don't.  Runa will comment on how they worked with these problems - "she just kept trying".  It is a good reminder for life.  Talent alone is not enough and you need to invest in those skills that help you maneuver the difficult spots.  We watch on Aluc a file sharing site. 

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