Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week One - anticipating the winter solstice

The Art of Rock Balancing by Michael Grab:
Balancing Land Art by Michael Grab
This week I have added a new element to our winter celebrations.  Beyond the count down to Christmas and tricks by the dollies, I have created a count down to solstice calendar where little animals can be placed each day walking towards the solstice.  For each week there is a theme.  For the first week we are focusing on water (nipiy) and rocks (asiniy).  Sophie is going to work on a ceremony for the family to do each night in this period as she feels very close to the water elements.  We will welcome these relations into this time of celebration and consider the lessons they can teach us. 
In addition, for each evening over this month I try to get everyone together around the trees/hearth to read a story/poem and sing.  This is not always successful, or conducted right side up, but I so enjoy it when it happens.  It really makes this period a special time where we come together out of the dark and play together.  Last night we did some decorating and Sophie played Minecraft parody Christmas songs.  Her participation was brief, but it was wonderful to have her with us.  We did a special smudge, which was administered to an upside down Runa.  At least her behind has been purified.  What are you doing this week to recognize the season?

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