Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day Two of Solstice Count Down

A wood option via Popsugar
Since we had such a great first night I was cautious about last night.  We started the evening with some screaming about how the dog ate Runa's apples (which she threw on the floor) and it was all hopeless.  I figured we were done for the day, but Runa regained her equilibrium and asked to get out the clay to make a menorah.  She had taken our glittery dinosaur menorah to school for a presentation, so she was convinced that we needed to make one.  We got those sculpted and then she made some toys for her stuffed dogs before turning her hand to making a dreidle.  I don't know how it will balance, but she was very pleased with it.  We will be able to paint these over the weekend just in time to start Hanukkah.

We had a chance to sing together a bit and then we read an Ojibwa story about a duck (Shingebiss) and North Wind.  This was a good complement to the Daphnie Odjig story we read last weekend about Nanabush and the North Wind.  I have also bought some other winter stories from Strong Nations that I hope we can get to as well.  One caution, "Christmas La Pouchinn" is to be avoided.  It was not the lyrical journey that it was talked up to be.  I would try this one from the library first before buying it. 

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