Monday, December 14, 2015

Week Three of Waiting - animals (pisiskiwak)

Raven is the protector of the home. His cloak is decorated with Native American symbols and designs, by Misha.:
Raven sculpture by Misha
I think we did too much last week.  There was not enough quiet time and it felt rushed.  On the other hand it is nice that we can do more - sometimes I get caught up in managing everyone's disabilities and don't push us to try new things.  I hope this coming week we can rebalance and spend some more time together reading and singing and just being.  We celebrated the last night of Hanukah with St Lucia Day. 

We went to the Irish pancake breakfast and listened to the live band play Celtic and Christmas music.  Sophie kept her headphones on and made it through despite the noise.  I really enjoyed watching all the little people enjoy the music and Santa.  Having spent the last year digging up medicines on the Metis side I feel able to reconnect through the Celtic side and enjoy the songs and stories I have known for years.  It feels like the process of decolonizing is creating a space to capture those stories from the other ancestors as well.  It feels complete and right. 

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