Thursday, October 22, 2015

Action and getting stuck

Waldemar Strempler:
Waldemar Strempler
I continue to work through "One Story, One song" but have not found as much in this section on action that moves me.  This lack has made me think about my relationship to action right now and whether I am disinclined to action and need to push myself or whether I am in a contemplative place and the that is ok.  However there is one line that struck me reading yesterday in an essay on displacement for those who grew up without attachment to their culture.  Wagamese writes "They'walk into our powwows, our ceremonies and our events with no idea of how to present themselves.  They'll have no idea how to wear their skin.  We need to be there when they show us.  We need to extend a hand in welcome and make them feel at home."

This struck me particularly as I went for teachings at the Kumick yesterday.  In the smudge you see those people who are not sure what to do and those who  do come with all kinds of different traditions.  There is no right way to smudge and it can be scary walking into that room the first few times.  I appreciate the gentleness of those who accepted me and made a space in ceremony for me.  And while I might not be in an action space, that welcome is something that I can do.

The Elder was Jane Ann Chartrand (Algonquin) and she spoke about the difference between dreams and visions however in this teaching she also spoke on grief and loss.  The discussion on loss caught my attention as the last elder also talked about loss and I think that I need to make some decisions that will involved loss and grief.  They are decisions that will make things better, but even knowing that I focus on the loss.  The other teachings I took home to Sophie and the Elder promised to meet Sophie in the dream realm last night.  Sophie has been feeling very alone in her spiritual journey.  I think Sophie appreciated the Elder coming to meet her.  I hope we will be able to provide her the support she needs in this area.  I don't feel these are things that I understand or can teach her in.

Do you ever feel stuck in your journey?  What do you do to move forward?  How do you find the courage to stay stuck if that is part of the journey?

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