Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bits, pieces and space invaders

The 3rd in my NDN GQ Hipster series. Mixing photo’s from the 1800’s (in this case Black Horn - Hunkpapa - 1872) with pictures from today. Looking good then and now. - Steven Paul Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw): 1800s hipster GQ NDN series by Steven Paul Judd: Quite enjoyed this Steven Judd "NDN GQ Hipster series"  Having a hard time finding an artist site.  Also quite like his space invaders picture.  He has an Etsy page by it is mostly empty.  Love the juxtaposition of the fashion models with the real people's faces.

Planning to check out this new Australian show featuring indigenous teens.  Has anyone seen it yet?

Hadn't heard about this red dress project for missing and murdered women.  The pictures are quite evocative.

Art by Steven Paul Judd, "A little something I whipped up. Dig it if you can...Dig it if you can't.":
Trans-girls can now be girl guides in Canada.

Still thinking about the teachings from yesterday.  Thinking about how I connect with those around and how I influence them.  Still processing the panic attack and accepting that it is fall now and dark early. 

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