Sunday, October 18, 2015

Leather, circles and farts

I have been wanting to work with leather all week in between feeling exhausted.  After staying home on Friday to sleep the whole day, I went to the fabric sale yesterday and found some nice bits and pieces.  I made these two necklaces, one with the jingles and one with a lovely giant button made from a piece of birtch.  I love going to this sale each year and being around all thoose people full of ideas for things to make.  It is inspiring to be in that energy.

We did circle time this morning.  Sophie told us the ancestors could only come for a short time as they were busy today.  Runa brought her fart putty for the ancestors to enjoy.  She is convinced that they find farts very funny.  Runa did the opening "we are opening the ancestor hole so that we can see what they are doing."  These times seldom have the solemness that I would like, but they are time together talking about things that matter and really, that is the point right?

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