Monday, October 19, 2015

Finishing things

I finished my cuff this week, but the clasp I sewed in is messing with the shape so I will need to try again.  I hate these fiddly end bits of projects.  I was originally going to fill the water in all the way but I liked how the natural leather looked with the beading.

I need a new project and Runa is asking for moccasins so I am slowly planning that out.  She would like wolves.  Found a couple of options.  I like this one with colour as Runa is such a colourful person that the blacks and greys don't seem right for her. 

Beaded Wolf Amulet Native American Made by NativDesigns:
bead embroidery, grey wolf design, Janet Dann:
However I do like the one with the landscape around him as well.  I also played around with glue to make a spider's web necklace.  I would like to paint this a bit so it is less shiny and add a spider.  I like how it turned out but I am a bit worried about how sturdy it will be.  You are supposed to be able to use these as window decals as well, so I may try that if it does not work as a necklace.  Do you have a favorite wolf?

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