Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wisdom of the animals?

Les albums de Céline E.: Raven - Opus 2:
Les albums de Céline E.: Raven - Opus 2
I have been learning to watch the animals around me for their teachings. I suppose that they are good teachers as they are like us yet outside of our rules.  Yesterday our cat, stood under a tree for a long time asking the bird to come down into her mouth - she didn't even try to climb the tree, just acted sad that she had no bird.  Later she got so scared by a man with a moustache that she ran out on the road in front of a car.  During the evening walk, she ran under the dog while he was peeing and got her head covered in urine.

So I am thinking about what the learning is from this.  We all have bad days?  We all do stupid things?  Or forgive yourself and keep being fabulous? 


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