Thursday, October 29, 2015

Roogaroo questions

Stories of Our People Lii zistwary di la naasyoon di Michif:
A Metis Graphic Novel Anthology
Runa has been making us read her bedtime story from "Stories of Our People" all week.  She makes us read the same story about Roogaroo each night.  I keep asking her what she likes about the story but she can't articulate it yet.  This book is a little odd.  The stories are still raw, the edges have not been knocked off.  It is like having a person tell you a story with all the little language quirks and weird details included.

This anthology also includes a P'tite Jean story about leaving his butt in charge while he takes a nap and how it lets him down.  Needless to say this is a beloved story with the younger set.  However some of the other stories are a lot darker, with a Wendigo/Witigo story and the much requested Roogaroo story.  I would say that this book would be too much for a sensitive child, but my younger one loves more conflict and really enjoys it.

As the way to help someone to stop being a Roogaroo is to cut them on the ear my, family has been teasing me as I have a phobia of having my ear touched that this must be latent Roogarooism.  That would be a shock in the office if someone went full Roogaroo.  I bet they don't have an emergency preparedness scenario for that one.

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