Monday, October 5, 2015

Story Medicine is the best medicine

Seung-Hwan Chung ✶✶✶ Pin no. 5000 goes out to the love of my life, who makes me feel like the universe is at my feet.:
Seung-Hwan Chung
The essays of Mr Wagamese have so much learning.  Almost everyone leaves me full of thought.  This latest one called "The Puzzle" from "One Story, One Song."  was a wonderful articulation of a problem I have discussed here before, how do you balance the living and growing you need to do with contributing to your community?  How about when you can't give a lot back as just getting by takes up everything?

In this essay Wagamese discusses the story he was told when asking this question to a friend. That the friend being busy, tore a picture of the galaxy out of a magazine to make a puzzle for a restless child.  The friend thought that this would take the child a very long time to put back together, so he was surprised when the child returned quickly with the picture put back together. When he asked the child how he did it so quickly, the child said "Simple...there was a picture of a man on the other side.  So I put the man together first, and the world came together just fine."

That is some pretty fine story medicine. I would highly recommend this book.  It is perfect for a morning meditation/ contemplation.

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