Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Be an ant

Was very happy to get a chance to sit down with an elder this morning at Kumik.  I asked my question about how to know when to stay and live in something and when it is time to change things and move.  The Elder talked about working to dismantle your own cage so that you can see your life clearly and while doing this to open communication with your family and listen to their perspectives on the issues. 

The Elder raised three points that really spoke to me.  The first was around finding a balance, that we can't live only in the heart  or only in the logic places of our lives, that we need to find a way to balance both those parts together and to walk a combined path.  Balance is a word that comes up in my life a lot.  It was striking to hear it again today.

He also spoke several times about how his role with his wife changed over time, where he used to be the lead and that now she does.  I took this as a reminder that our roles change over time and that can be natural and does not have to be scary.  It is also ok to not be the leader sometimes and to let someone else play that role.

The last thing he said that really struck me was from his grandmother's teachings reminding us to be an ant.  A call to take time and watch what the ant does in his life.  To take time to stop and look at those around you and watch how they are going on about their business.  I took from this the need to take time and not just focus on my little bit of the world but recognize that is going on around me.

I very much enjoy having access to these elders and the opportunity to learn from them.  He also spoke about the importance of smudging, not only with the sage but in also using the sweet grass as a means of clarifications.  This time with the Elder gave me a lot to think about.  It reminded me that I want to bring a little more ceremony into my life.  It brought focus that I need someone in my life who has time to talk and that on of the things that is really bothering me at work is this lack.  I am unhappy at work, but I am not sure that it is the work itself, but rather that feeling of hurriedness and the lack of connection.  Much in my soul to ponder.

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