Monday, June 8, 2015

Learning Cree

Last year I decided that part of our reclaiming journey was learning an indigenous language.  After looking at the resources available, the number of speakers and languages that would be relevant we decided on Cree.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend some Cree classes last fall and had a great time researching all the Cree resources out there.

We decided that Mischeif would be too difficult to learn and maintain with the low number of speakers.  I am glad we did choose Cree.  Partly, we have been able to find kids books in Cree and there are some interesting apps that are good.  I like this one from the Cree Online Dictionary.  It is great to be able to look up a word on the go when anyone has a question.  This one from Tansi TV looks great but is only available on i-phone.  This page from âpihtawikosisân is also a good starting resource.  We are also encountering Cree in the wild which makes it more real to the children and is good motivation.

I wanted to learn Cree to help me understand the world view of the Cree better.  I think it is doing this.  I come and go on how committed I am to my studies but I keep going, if slowly.  What are you learning?  How are you challenging yourself this month?

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