Thursday, June 25, 2015

Him Standing - Fear Medicine

Finished "Him Standing" by Richard Wagamese today.  I really enjoyed this story.  In particular there is a powerful discussion of fear.

"Fear is power that we all have.  Except we are never taught to accept it as a power.  We get taught that it is a weakness.  We are ashamed of it.  We think it makes us less.  But in fact it makes us more."

"It's only when we walk fully into it that fear shows its powerful side.  The darkness isn't the absence of light.  It's the threshold of light.  When you are courageous enough to stand in your fear, you are learning how to step forward into the light.

"Walking through your fear makes you stronger.  It makes you able to walk through other fears.  It givers you courage.  It gives you faith that there are bigger powers in the world than fear.  When you walk through fear, you, Lucas, become a bigger power than the fear.  It is its own medicine in the end."

Can't add much to that.  It is making me think about what I fear right now and what I need to face.

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