Monday, June 15, 2015

Women Warriors and worriers

We got ready for solstice over the weekend.  I made a sun hoop and put up some other decorations.  We will have a ceremony on Sunday with the ancestors and plant our candle to dig up for winter solstice.  The girls are very excited to go to Powwow on the weekend, although their excitement mostly seems to apply to seeing the bouncy castle and not the dancers.
We did our circle time outside yesterday and Sophie brought her drum.  It was good to see her play on it even if I was a bit worried about the neighbor's response at 8:30 in the morning.  We listened to the Woman's warrior song and  Joel made fun of me that this is not the woman's worrier song which I may need as well.  We learned this song at the Truth and Reconciliation events earlier in June.  I was so glad to find this online and to be able to practice at home with the children.  I really appreciate those people who are putting their songs and teachings online.  It is such a blessing for us who have so much to learn.

Runa helped me to paint the front porch and she also led some games at the park.  It is wonderful to see her taking initiative and to see the pride in her work.  It is fun to play her games even if the rules don't always make sense.  It is a good reminder that how I live my life is being watched and copied.

I am thinking on something I read by an Elder that we should not see a lack of happiness as failure.  I feel sad a lot and I am harsh with myself about it sometimes.  I am thinking about this also in the context of our circle time teaching which looked at the four hills of life from the book of the same name.  We read a passage looking at the responsibilities and realities of each hill.    Can I just accept not being happy and not making a big deal of it and just live it?  Where is the line between working to change your life and just stepping back and accepting what is there for you?  I am thinking on these things and going to see some Elders tomorrow at Kumik.  I think I want to ask these things.

Below is Sophie's android Indian girl.

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