Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Canada Day

Canada day used to mean just picnics and fireworks, but in the past few years I  find this a day with a lot more to ponder.  How I see myself fitting into this country and celebration has changed.  The booths outlining our "glorious" history seem a little darker.  Do I really want to celebrate John A MacDonald?  Is it really all about the glorious meshing of the French and English languages?

While the day still has lots of picnics and celebration, it is also a time to spend as a family talking about our history.  To talk about why certain companies are giving things away for free, and why certain booths are set up.  We talk about what role our ancestors played in this country and how fully they believed in this idea of Canada that they played by the rules even while the newcomers did not.  What are you going to talk about tomorrow?

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